Install Fest

Install fest was a 2 day (15.08.15 – 16.08.15) event preplanned. The event was arranged to create an awareness about GNU/Linux usage amoung people in Karaikudi and to install the same on their laptops and PCs.

Linux Mint 17.0 was selected for installation. And stickers were prepared to provide them.Manoj from chennai helped us by sending his design works for the stickers.

Flex board was designed by Lenin Guruswamy and was planned to fix near Alagappa University. But the flex had to be moved near Alagappa Engineering college , in the same night. Lenin, Suresh, Barathi, Kaleeswaran and Vignesh helped in fixing it.

Bit notices were designed by Lenin and were distributed to the Alagappa Engineering College students and also were distributed through news paper.

DAY 1:


The responce wasn’t as much as expected.

With only 9 interested people the event started and 8 laptops of them were installed with the Linux Mint 17.0.

Intro to Linux usage and installation were taught to them.

Stickers were distributed and pasted on thier laptops.

DAY 2:


The second day of the started with not more than 4 participants.

Linux Mint was installed on their laptops and stickers were distributed.

Where we went wrong:

The problems or mistakes we found for  not much response from public could be due to mentioning of the term  ” Linux “.

People weren’t used to this term and probabily didn’t wanted to try it out.


meetup zero(the first and unofficial meetup)

The first meetup in gourmet hall
The meetup zero was our first meetup
It was an unofficial meetup…the meetup was cancelled prior.
But as few participants came to he hall, we had to conduct it.
It was not official as not all participants could attend.

We started it little later at 12:30 in a private hall nearby.
Free software philosophy , basic programming and intro to Ruby
photo196658950847965106 photo196658950847965106(1)

Were the talk we had with a total of 10 participants.

karaiGLUG Inauguration

With a total of 25 students from various field(CSE,IT,ECE,Mechanical Engg , Nano Science & others),the inauguration of karaiGLUG took place a little later at 11:30 a.m of 19th July ’15 instead of the scheduled 10 a.m, unfortunately(due to delay by the participants).
The inauguration wouldn’t have taken place without the support of few good hearts. To name a few , Mr.Selvaraj (HAWDMA NGO secretary) who provided us the hall capable of accommodating a 100 and other equipment needed. I am personally very much thankful to him.
The volunteer’s support is the most important to be mentioned here. Mr.Alagunambi Welkin, Vishal,Devakumar,travelled all the way from Chennai to support us and Mr.Vigneshwaran from Pondicherry.
The inauguration function began with lighting the lamp by Mr.Selvaraj,Welkin,Lenin,Vignesh and Vaishnavi. Mr.Selvaraj addressed the participants and welcomed the volunteers from FSFTN.
The most notable words by Selvaraj
” இங்கு முளைவிட்டிருப்பது முட்செடிகள் அல்ல மூலிகைச் செடிகள்”

With a detailed introduction on “Free software philosophy and its benefits” Mr.Welkin guided our friends to another dimension of knowledge.

In between , cool drinks and template sheets were distributed.
We are very much grateful to all the volunteers for sharing their experiences with us.
And we are thankful to those volunteers who wished to me here.
Special thanks to Mr.Lenin Gurusamy ,for being the backbone of the karaiGLUG.
Thanks to Mr.Ramesh Kannan for capturing us on his Fujiflim sx50exr SLR camera(for making us look good in the pics 😉 ).
Thanks to all the participants for making it a successful event.
Thanks you one and all.

Our target:

there are many colleges in and around karaikudi.

few are

alagappa college of engineering
alagappa college of arts and science
umaiyala ramanathan college
KIT & KIM etc
we are planning to address the students of these colleges soon.


people are from and around karaikudi .

students mostly come from rural area for studies.

hostelers can’t be expected to attend the weekend meet-ups.

hence we are planning for weekday meet-ups too.

Hello world!

Welcome to our  very first blog entry . This is to inform you guys that we have created our blog “”. Now you can follow our activities here. We will keep on posting every activity of the GLUG here. Eagerly waiting to meet you all in the first meetup soon…

You can contact us at